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Neugart USA is a family owned, industry-leading manufacturer of gearboxes that has been in business since 1928. Neugart specializes in the development, production, and distribution of gearboxes. Over the past 90 years, we have expanded from our initial headquarters in Germany to over 700 employees located worldwide. Along with our company, we have expanded on our catalog of products. We offer planetary gearboxes with smooth output shafts that will provide a broad range of drive solutions. These planetary gearboxes include, PLE, PLQE, PLPE, and many more. If our standard gearboxes do not suit your requirements, we have the capabilities of developing a custom gearbox solution. Our team of engineers are capable of developing a solution, no matter how stringent the client’s requirements. We utilize state-of-the-art engineering tools to design and configure custom gearboxes within a short period of time. To ensure that the custom gearboxes function correctly, we inspect them using cutting-edge testing and measuring equipment. If necessary, we can even develop a customized testing system for your custom-made gearbox. Clients can guarantee that the gearboxes are up to date on the latest standards of technology, ensuring that they are built to last. Today, Neugart is run by the family’s fourth generation, and after all these years, we still stick to our company’s philosophy of constant growth and commitment to quality. Our company is DIN EN ISO 900 certified, and we believe that quality is integral to the success of a business. That’s why our promise is to supply our customers with only the best. We uphold this promise by taking on every project with a solutions-oriented approach, and manufacturing our gearboxes under optimal conditions. Visit our website today and contact us for your next project!

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